Teenage Group
Pottery Class

Arts for Healing Hearts is as not-for-profit organization that we formed in honor of my mom and sister who both lost their battle with cancer.  Our mission is to encourage youth who have experienced loss or trauma to find healing and enrichment through camaraderie and immersion into the visual arts. 


We do this by offering free art retreat workshops where kids can learn more about themselves by creating self-portraits in multiple mediums and writing their own artist bio.  This work culminates in a public show at the conclusion of the retreat.  This is meant for all kids, not just aspiring artist.  I believe the joy and healing that comes with creating is for everyone and that every child has a story to tell in their own special way. Exploration and experimentation is at the core of the workshops.  Each child is encouraged to find their own unique way to tell the story of them.

Please let me know if you would like to nominate a youth for this special experience.

Painters Palette