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Lynn Garka is a mixed media artist and storyteller.  She spent her childhood creating.  As her older sister recalled, “She is sweet, but don’t let her touch your stuff!  It will become part of some crazy 3-D moving circus diorama.”   But as Lynn grew up so did her desire to "behave" and make her beloved family proud.  No more art, her focus became being a successful student, athlete and University bound pre-med major.


However, as the saying goes; you gotta be who you gotta be and Lynn was an artist.  After years of caring for her family, Lynn now lives with her husband of 37 years in Snohomish Washington and works in her studio creating mixed media sculpture and paintings.  Her time away from her studio is most often spent with her family and friends.  She also loves puttering around in the garden, feeding her chickens or playing ball with her dogs, Porter & Cleo.

Lynn’s current work focuses on telling women’s stories of survival, growth and resilience.  She uses multiple mediums to bring these complex and powerful stories to life.

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