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The converted 100 year old barn serves a variety of purposes

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Lynn Garka Studio

I am so grateful to have this space to create in.

Painting Equipments

Classroom & Event Space

This space is used to host workshops presented by artist representing all genres and mediums.

Art Class

Arts for Healing Hearts

Arts for Healing Hearts is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in honor of my mom and sister who both lost their battle with cancer.  Our mission is to encourage youth who have experienced loss or trauma to find healing and enrichment through camaraderie and immersion into the visual arts. 

We purchased our little slice of heaven in 2013.  Our kids had flown the coop and I was feeling a strong need for green trees, space and change.  unbenonsted to my husband, I had been using any breaks in my day to explore affordable acreage for sale.   When I found this place I hesitantly presented my plan of a simpler life (I really did mean that, though not at all the reality) to my surprised husband.  He then presented to me all the reasons why it was a very bad idea, extolled the virtues of living in our nice home in a nice cul-desac in a nice neighborhood and then helped me start packing.  Our plan was to fix-up the 100 year old dilapidated barn, and live in there while we built our house.  However when our home surprisingly sold in one day the realities of my idealistic plan became very clear; we had one month to get the barn in a state to keep us warm and dry.  Thankfully my hubby is a man of many talents and so he and I worked nights and weekends in the rain and snow fixing all the holes in the roof and walls and floors and all the other 100s of jobs involved in fixing up a 100 year old cattle barn to keep us warm and dry.  It was hard work but I am so proud of what we accomplished. 


We lived in the barn for several years while we built our home.  We then implemented the next phase of our plan and converted the barn into an art space.


Located in charming

Snohomish, WA

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