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This piece is not intended to tell Rebekah's story for that is only her story to tell.  This is a piece about how the events that happened in her life made me feel about her incredible resilience.


The flowers in the piece represent growth and rebirth.

The nest represents family and marriage and children.

The closed eyes show that this piece is about an inward journey.  A journey of courage, fear, changed expectations and mostly strength and love.


The silver egg represents the life that Rebekah had invisioned for herself before the bombing.  The imperfect, irregular shape filled with rich texture that she nestles in her arm represents the new life that she has created. 

Copy of 05_Garka_GAP_ copy_edited.jpg

The arm is exposed representing where she first felt the pain from the blast.


The gold scattered through out the piece is symbolic of the growth and good and kindness that has come from this tragic event.

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