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The suppleness of sweet smoky beeswax, the intricacy of vintage lace, the weight of fired clay, the patina of reclaimed wood, the intrigue of industrial cast offs; all these sensory moments combine to tell the complex and empowering stories of women survivors. Survivors of abuse, addiction, poverty, discrimination, illness and loneliness. 


I tell their stories through my sculpture using so many complex and diverse elements because these women’s stories are complex and diverse; smooth, sweet, smoky, rough and intricate.  I write about each woman’s story along with a detailed description of what each component and texture in the work symbolizes.  This story is then attached to the piece under lock and key. 


I hide the story details to draw out impartial, untinged and raw reactions and emotions.   This is why I call this series of work “Secret She”.  I want the work to encourage dialog among women and about women to quietly strengthen understanding and compassion.